These are addons I either authored or forked and modified, intended for use with patch 2.4.3 only.

If you have any idea on how to improve the addons you want to share with me, feel invited to write me an e-mail. Do not hesitate to contact me in case of a completely new addon idea, too.

Raiding addons


Graphical display for .debug threatlist command. Synchronizes threat data among raid members.

This is by no means a threat meter. Timed shows the direct server-side aggro list. The refresh rate of aggro data is dependent on the number of people targeting the mob because of the cooldown on threat list command.

Deadly Boss Mods

A fork of Tandanu’s Deadly Boss Mods, which provide ability timers for various game encounters.

Features the following fixes to original DBM:

  • Kalecgos: Fixed health frame and status to display percentages correctly.
  • Brutallus: Adjusted Stomp timer for HellGround private server.
  • Brutallus: Added warnings about Meteor Slash hitting units affected by Burn.
  • Magtheridon’s Lair: Fixed encounter not being started.


Provides group template functionality. Makes repartying as easy as:

  • Remove offline and AFK players from your group.
  • Save group template: /sgt save
  • Disband the group: /sgt disband
  • Restore group from template: /sgt restore

The players will be shuffled between groups according to the template.

You may also use the graphical interface under /sgt gui.


This is an extension for Grid written by evildead & Pastamancer that adds new status for Curse of Boundless Agony in Kalecgos encounter. You can display the status as a unit’s border, that will be green at first and switch to red when the dispel time comes.

The forked version allows to change the color transition time from fixed 10 sec to anything you want up to 20 sec with a slider. You will probably want to set it to about 14 sec.


Displays a compact list of raid buffs. Created as a light-weight alternative for BigBrother.

Officer addons


Siarkowy’s Dragon Kill Points manager — a complete replacement for QDKP.

  • Command line driven, eg. /sdkp award raid 15.
  • Announces point modifications through whisper by default.
  • Includes offline players to DKP operations by default.
  • Awards a player that has multiple characters in the raid only once.
  • Features a complete, searchable operation log.
  • Allows to easily bind guild and external alts to their mains.
  • Features a useful statistics module with searching and DKP rankings.


Handles guild announce message sending for you.

Interface enhancements

Bartender3 InlineAuras

Displays target auras on Bartender 3 action bars.

So that if you are a warlock and cast Curse of Tongues debuff at your target, the spell will get a red border in your action bar (see the picture) as long as the target has the debuff. On the other hand, if you cast a buff such as Lifebloom, the spell’s border will appear green for the duration of the buff.

This is a port of zBar’s similar functionality to Bartender. The coloring works for macros too.


Displays a fake Windfury Totem cooldown on your action bar for easier totem twisting. Supports Bartender 3, Bongos 2 and vanilla action bars.


Provides the ability to save item sets and switch between them with a single click. Written by Gello.

The forked version comes with additional features:

  • Allows previewing of item sets using the character doll frame.
  • Enables you to set numerical item IDs with middle click in set edit view. Think of a “Wish” set.
  • Allows saving of inspected character’s item set that will be named after the selected character.
  • Displays item set names in the game tooltip when hovering items or item links. If you defined a wish list, its name would appear on items while looting appropriate bosses.
  • Implements a set pool that allows to move item sets between characters.

Please see the addon’s repository page below for usage manual.


Fork of Neriak’s Fence, which is a light-weight auctioning addon.

This version comes with the Batch module that allows to create multiple auctions easily.


A forked version of Antiarc’s SexyMap that works with TBC patch without warnings.

Bagnon Square

A simple Bagnon module that sets the inventory and bank layouts to form a square.

FuBar AsciiRepFu

Displays a configurable ASCII reputation bar in FuBar.


All addons listed above follow a similar installation routine:

  1. Open the addon repository on GitHub and click Download ZIP on the right.
  2. Open the archive and copy contents of addon-master folder to WoW\Interface\AddOns\.
  3. Re/start the game client and ensure that the addon is on the list in character selection screen.
  4. Configure the addon in-game if needed.

You may also use git to clone the repository and link subfolders into WoW\Interface\AddOns.