Recently, I was thinking about how to make use of the data at the HellGround boss fights page.

The page above lists all boss slains that occur in 25-man instances of tier 4—6 on the HellGround server. But the page itself allows you neither to draw any conclusions about the state of server’s PvE nor to compare the guilds involved. I decided to change it and that’s why I created the Guild Stats webpage.

The website features PvE guild ranking that is refreshed every Wednesday with the server’s data. You can compare guilds by their “guild score” obtained in the previous raid week or by monthly average. The information about per-tier and overall count of bosses slain is also present for comparison. If you select a specific guild from the list, you will get a detailed report of guild’s activity. You can see the guild and tier score trends on a monthly basis, too.

Guild ranking features 3 statistics:

Guild score
Boss-weighted count of bosses slain. The weights are described below.
Tier score
Per-tier counts of slains. Consists of 3 numbers representing tier 4—6 performance respectively.
Kill score
Simply the overall number of bosses slain. The number that the tier score adds up to.

Guild score is the most interesting factor being calculated, as it measures the guild’s overall performance in given raid week. It is simply a sum of points assigned to specific bosses, with tier 6 bosses being the most awarding and tier 4 — the least. Have a look at the weights below.

Sunwell PlateauM'uru30
Eredar Twins10
Black TempleIllidan Stormrage4
Illidari Council5
Mother Shahraz3
Reliquary of Souls3
Gurtogg Bloodboil2
Teron Gorefiend2
Shade of Akama2
High Warlord Naj'entus2
Hyjal SummitArchimonde4
Rage Winterchill2
Tempest KeepKael'thas Sunstrider6
High Astromancer Solarian1
Void Reaver1
Serpentshrine CavernLady Vashj2
Leotherass the Blind3
Morogrim Tidewalker1
Fathom-Lord Karathress1
Hydross the Unstable1
The Lurker Below2
Magtheridon's LairMagtheridon5
Gruul's LairGruul the Dragonkiller1
High King Maulgar1